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Welcome to Two Producer Studios. This is where you need to be if you want to create powerful video content. We make it fun and easy to tell your story. Our mission is to come together in a collaborative environment that makes the most out of our talents and resources. Two Producer Studios is just that, two producers, Liz and Torrey, who realized that they can do more together than they could apart. By bringing both of our production companies under one studio, you are sure to find everything you need to create what you want. So, what’s your story?

Riggo Pro

Torrey Pocock

Creative Director (Riggo Productions)

Torrey has a rooted history in classic advertising and media as a creative producer and digital content creator.

Producing promotional and commercial videos, social media news videos, video reports, event recaps, short documentary-style films is a specialty for Torrey. Each video project helps promote and drive viewer engagement online and enhance a brand and it’s visibility in a variety of platforms. Torrey produces video aimed at stopping thumbs and creating viewer engagement.

Torrey worked with CBS Sports in live broadcasting and then public relations at DDB Needham, Dallas on PEPSI, Nieman Marcus, Moss Park and others. Working to develop his career as a producer he moved into advertising and media production in Washington D.C. with the TCW Agency.

Torrey produced and filmed a YouTube Series for Colonial Downs 2006, before many even knew what YouTube was. Fast Facts at the Track followed local  horsemen and women, trainers, jockeys, owners all around the track and told stories that gave track visitors more insight into the business of horse racing.

Developing content that can be used in a variety of platforms, his knowledge of end product and content and distribution is well developed in both pre and post production.

Torrey loves to say… “you gotta make them want it!” and believes that people only read what they need to these days, but will watch everything.

Recent work includes USAA,  Sprint, The Amputee Warrior Softball Classic and NBC Universal and the Department of State and The Virginia Racing  Commission.

Torrey is the manager of Pro For East Production Services, a national Fox News social media analyst, and a media training coordinator for the Department of State, both of which ad to his experience producing and working directly with clients to development projects and digital content media.

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Thibodeau Media Group

Liz Thibodeau

President (Thibodeau Media Group)

Liz is a media junkie. Since as far back as she can remember, she has been drawn to television news and intrigued by the power that media has to influence people widely. That interest parlayed into a career as a producer that began in news and now continues in new media for businesses as marketing, training, entertainment, and social. As the president of Thibodeau Media Group, she assists her clients in telling their own stories and those of their brands.

Liz worked in New England in both radio and television news before relocating to Annapolis, Maryland in the early 90’s. At that time she began a career as a freelance video producer, working with clients on marketing and internal communications. It was then that she met and began working for a medical publisher in Baltimore (now Wolters Kluwer) who remains a client today producing digital ancillary products for world renowned medical textbooks. Medical training videos are a mainstay in the TMG portfolio along with a host of other industries. She worked as an account manager and executive producer for 15 years at Take One Digital Media until forming Thibodeau Media Group in 2016.

Today TMG continues to grow adding more clients and industries to its list. The art of storytelling now crosses into education, non-profits, high tech, cyber security, and even yoga! Liz has garnered several Telly Awards for her work, among them, three in 2018 for work with local non-profit Gigi’s Playhouse, tech industry client Upskill, and Waring School, a Massachusetts private day school.

At the end of the day, awards are awesome but successful projects are even better.

Liz knows that good communication is the foundation of any good relationship and helping clients effectively share information and communicate their message, remains her ultimate goal. That’s what a producer does.

pro·duc·er [prəˈd(y)o͞osər] noun

  1. a person who gets things done
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